Kelly & Mick of Victoria, winners of Prize Home Draw 490 on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland
Winners' Kelly and Mick celebrate winning a Prize Home

"It can happen to anyone and we are living proof of that!"

"If I don't win... at least I'll be helping kids in need."

Kelly and Mick were in disbelief for days when they received the phone call from yourtown announcing that they were the winners of Prize Home Draw 490. 

“It took a good three or four days for it to finally sink in and to believe that we had really won something so big,” Mick said.

For Kelly, knowing the money was going towards children in need made entering the competition worth it no matter the result but the win was transformative. The win changed the couple’s life for the better, improving both Kelly and Mick’s physical and mental health.

“When I got the call from Tracey I was gobsmacked!”

Waiting in the doctor’s surgery for her husband, Mick was a moment Kelly will never forget. While watching a yourtown Prize Home television commercial, Kelly began to picture herself living in sun-soaked Queensland. On the way home, she told Mick she bought tickets, and he was quick to tell her, “No-one ever wins those things.”

Three days later, Kelly got the call that changed her life. “When I got the call from Tracey I was gobsmacked! I didn’t know if I was going to faint, be sick or fall on the floor.

“Once I finished talking to Tracey, I called my husband, Mick. Being an ex-policeman, he didn’t believe me and he thought it was a scam and wanted me to ring the Gaming Commission in Queensland.”

 The view from yourtown Prize Draw 490 overlooking the Sunshine Coast on a clear day 

Real-estate heaven

Soon after that life-changing phone call, Kelly and Mick visited their new home and instantly fell in love. In a matter of weeks, they sold their home in Melbourne and made the move to sunny Queensland.

“I couldn’t believe it was all ours and it took a while to come to terms with it all.”


An empty beach with the tide out and a man in a green shirt and women in a pink shirt walking along the path looking out to the view


A happier and healthier lifestyle

“It has meant so much that I can’t put it into words," Kelly said. “The financial security for both Mick and I, but also for the kids, is mind-blowing. I never thought I would be financially secure, ever.”

Winning a yourtown Prize Home has been life changing for Kelly and Mick. Not having the financial pressures of their old life in Melbourne has made a massive, positive impact on Mick’s health. 

“People should buy tickets because it can happen to anyone, and we are living proof of that.”