Brian & Tamara, winners of Prize Home Draw 458 on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Winners' Brian and Tamara

"When I tell people that I won a home, they just want to touch my hand for luck!"

Ever wondered what it's like to win a million dollar Prize Home?

Brian and Tamara know!

The lucky couple changed their lives forever when they won yourtown Prize Home Draw 458 and moved into their stunning new home on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

“When I first got the call, well I just didn’t believe the caller at the other end of the phone,” Tamara told us. “I just burst into tears.”

But the good news was real!

Tears of joy

Brian was on a flight to Melbourne when Tamara received that life-changing call, so he didn't know about their amazing win until he landed.

But when he heard the news, he started crying tears of joy.

Brian and Tamara's two daughters couldn’t quite believe their parents’ astounding good fortune, either.

“Even they cried. I think they were really happy because they knew we had done some hard yards,” Tamara said.


Prize home 458


New home, new holiday lifestyle

Brian and Tamara’s spectacular win meant an exciting relocation to a luxury home ready to move in, and a new coastal lifestyle on the Mornington Peninsula.

“It’s been over two years now since we moved here and our lifestyle has changed completely. It’s more relaxed and I think it’s a great thing not to have a mortgage on your head," Brian said. "The dream was to live near the water – retire near the water."

“Sometimes we feel like pinching ourselves to know that it’s real.”

The lucky couple also won Gold BUllion and a travel voucher along with their breathtaking Prize Home. They took a wonderful holiday to Vietnam and loved it so much, they hope to revisit someday.

But in the meantime, Brian said, their new life is “like a holiday virtually every day”.


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Giving back

Brian and Tamara were already yourtown supporters, because they knew that every ticket purchased in our Prize Draws helps us tackle issues like youth unemployment and mental health, and take on issues like domestic and family violence.

And since the big win, Tamara has become a part of the yourtown community. She now sells tickets at our Prize Homes!