WIN $6.18M Christmas Prize Home Draw

This stunning beachside home in Miami could be yours for $15!
Second floor covered entertainment area with views to the beach. Cropped shot showing a clear view to the beach, a corner of a white couch with a green cushion and a round marble table with two glasses. Potted palms to either side.

yourtown helps children and young people believe in their ability to tackle whatever life throws at them

Each Prize Draw ticket purchased helps support young people through vital community services.


WIN $500K Aston Martin Vantage Draw! Includes Gold + Extras
Closes Tuesday 19 December 10pm AEST
Lime green Aston Martin Vantage car sitting idle on the beach. All you can see of the beach is grey sand. It is a very peaceful atmosphere. The car is facing the camera. 1141
WIN $6.18 Million Miami Christmas Prize Draw
Closes Wednesday 20 December at 11pm AEST
External image of a new three-level tiered home. Second floor has a balcony with plants. First floor has a raised pool to the right, and a covered entertaining area to the left, with plants spilling over the edge. Ground floor shows a closed garage, open front gate and front door with a clear view into the house to see the back courtyard. The name of the house on the front is Orilla.
"It sounds dramatic, but it was genuinely life-changing. In the current economic climate, it’s invaluable to find employment for a lot of young people. "
Eden - Unscripted and now yourtown employee
Week 2  Edens Story.png
“For the first time in ages I felt safe. I had my own room, with a bathroom. I slept in a proper bed and watched TV. It doesn’t sound a lot, but it was really something."
Allie* was left with no parents to care for her at just three months old.